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Chèvre-Feuille is a family factory specialized in handi
craft of goat's milk soap and some pure vegetable oils.

We offer a wide range of goat's milk soaps. The number vary continually for us, because the creation is our strength and our great passion.

Our goat's milk quality used is primordial. Our milk come from a herd of Nubienne's goats proudly raised by respecting their natural balance and so the environnement. Our milk is gathered fresh every day.

We use vegetable oils the first quality like: olive oil, canola oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and cacao butter that is cicatrizing for the skin. Certain soaps with essential oils have numerous properties and others are lightly parfumed and added up with natural ingredients such as: honey, clay, maple sirop, fruit juice and others excellent natural additives give us an outstanding soap.

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